Bell’s Original – Tasting Notes

Cereal, yeast, roses, raisins, banana, prunes, green sour apples, mandarin, honey, nuts, lime, vanilla, liquorish, ginger.

Fruits, honey, nuts, oily, blackberries, ginger cake, cereal, citrus, spice, vanilla.

Sweet, fruit, ginger and a hint of nuts. After a bit there is just a hint of smoke.

6,5 out of 10.
Needs some time to open and warm up. Not difficult, well balanced. Needs some time to open up, has a bitter aceton tone in the beginning to it. This disappeared with time. For the 15 euro’s a bottle costs this absolutely something to have in home for the people coming by who like a whisky but are not whisky drinkers, or love to put ice in it. This surprised me due that at out visit to Blair Athol we tried one of their expressions, where this came from, and we did not like it at all, but this is certainly better.

“One for the hip flask, to carry on a long walk”


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