The Yamazaki – Puncheon – Tasting Notes

Vanilla, raisin, sweet, fruits, apricots, biscuits, honey, butterscotch
Warm, honey, sweet, coconut, apricots, soft bit exotic fruits, pear, mango, chocolate, vanilla. Ans many tones like the Bourbon Barrel Yamazaki, but a bit more softer and creamy than that one.
Soft, sweet, not a very long finish. Found it going from a bit creamy and full to a bit watery. So it lost something somewhere.
7 out of 10, this one needs to warm up a bit in the glass, then it opens up much more. Found it just a bit better then the 12 YO due to the body and nose profile, more full and more depth in it, but due to the finish I ended up a bit lower then the Bourbon Barrel. So was shifting between different scores but when all added up, it is not a bad dram, far from that, would love a bottle, but it gives me the feeling that I am missing something somewhere? Seems not to be in a complete balance?

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