Bruichladdich Black Art 3.01 – 1989 – 22 YO – Tasting Notes

Chocolate, summer fruits, berry’s, raspberry, nuts, full complex sweet tones… Creme brûlée, sugar cane, vanilla, sweet, raisin, mango, prunes, spices, heather honey, apricots, orange, mint, marmalade, cinnamon, Christmas cake…

Sweet, warm, strawberry, raspberry, black current, honey, nuts, vanilla, sugar cane, syrup, figs, prunes, cinnamon, marmalade, orange, chocolate, exotic sweet fruits…

Warm, sweet, and long finish, filled with summer fruits combined with a nuts…

9 out of 10. A complex and full dram. Keeps giving more and more when nosing and tasting. A lot of flavours in there who I can not place exactly, but just love them. At Feis Ile at a masterclass with Jim I have tasted the next one, the Black Art 4, and it is just so so nice that one. Something to look forward to…. Here a little movie with Jim McEwan telling about the Black Art 3…


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