Braunstein Library Collection 13:2 – Tasting Notes

Fresh, cassis, sweet, red fruit, honey

Bot dry, fresh, mint, sweet, cassis, pine, red fruit, honey, heather

Sweet, honey, bit dry, wood and a bit coffee bitter. A short finish.

6 out of 10. It is bottled in 2013. Can’t find something more on the exact age. But looking through the website of them I make up that this is a limited bottling of an ongoing collection, where they draw bottles in different stages of maturation. But can not be sure, due to it all being in Danish, and I do not speak that. Had a quick taste at Maltstock of this one, and this was the first time I had something of a Danish Distillery. Surely something to look up when in Denmark. It has full tones and potential I think in what I tasted. Had the thought when tasting that this one maybe could use some more years? But just our opinion. Have to try to get me some more of this distillery for a proper tasting.


3 thoughts on “Braunstein Library Collection 13:2 – Tasting Notes

  1. It's a regular small batch release, they name after the year and then an extra number to separate the batches within the same year. I think they do 2 or 3 every year, as well as other releases


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