Teeling – Silver Reserve 21 YO – Tasting Notes

Citrus, fruit, spice, warm, sweet, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, pepper. Also something peaty in there, combined with some nice parma ham. Some thick blackcurrent and red berry current in there. Some green apple, pear, toffee and eucalyptus

Warm, spice, indonesian cake, pepper, dark summer fruit, orange, honey, mint, chocolate, cinnamon, raisin, a complex and full palate. Also some marzipan, liqeurish, fried banana, dried fruit and tropical fruits.

The cinnamon comes though a bit on the medium length finish and gives it a bit of a dryness. Quite a finish on it with a bit of mint in it. Next to the mint there is also some liqeurish and marzipan notes coming through, combined with some tropical fruits and chocolate.

A complex and balanced dram. Had two occasions where I have tasted this one. First on Maltstock and later in the year in a #teelingwhiskey Twitter Tasting. First gave it a 7,5 out of 10, but now changing that to a 8. One with quite a body and depth in flavours.

I said before that I found this a very nice product, but due to the price of this one being around 160 euro, that I did not think I would have this one soon again. But maybe rethinking that one…
Want to know more about this Irish whiskey distillery? Please have a look on their website.

Teeling 21 Year Old Single Malt is initially matured in Bourbon Barrels & finished in Sauternes Wine Casks. The original mash bill contained some peated malt, was double distilled and matured in bourbon casks. The extra fruity twist comes for the extra maturation in Sauterne sweet wine casks.


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