Armorik Millésime 2002 (2013 edition) – Tasting Notes

Young, banana, apple, fudge, caramel, wood, spice, sweet, vanilla, honey, chocolate, and a hint of citrus

Ginger, pepper, spice, sweet, warm, honey, fudge, raisin, vanilla, mandarin, grapefruit, coconut, chocolate butter, cinnamon, liqeurish, has some depth in it for sure!

A bit dry, sweet finish, dissipates a bit too quickly maybe…

This one is very sweet, and I find a lot in it, but sadly the finish is not so long. The palate has some depth in it, and is promising combined with the nose. Very nice, so gave it a 7 out of 10. Tasted this one in a Twitter Tasting

This Armorik is the oldest french single malt whisky ever commercialized. Millésime 2002 (2013 edition) is a single cask, bottled at Cask Strength at 56,3% ABV. Matured in Bourbon cask for 4y then in Oloroso cask for 7 y, and 728 bottles are filled. A very nice combination, and you can tell the influence of the casks here… Will surely come back to the Armorik Whisky’s! 

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