Domaine Des Hautes Glaces – Alpin Farm Distillery – New Organic Spirit – Tasting Notes

Vinegar, light smoke, a light freshness in the back. First the sourness of Aceto Balsamico, and then followed after a bit of time in the glass with sweet tones. Sweet tones like vanilla, honey, peach, liqeurish, and combined with some green herbs and mint. The sourness stays on top too much too my opinion sadly.

Some smoke and heather first hit me, combined with honey. First some sweet and warm tones, and then back to sour tones like on the nose. Sour grapes, and the bitterness of the grape pits.

It has a combination in the finish of some sweet banana, orange and the coffee bitter. It is not too long…

Sadly can not give it higher then 5 out of 10 to this one. The sourness is too strong in this one… Tasted this one in a Twitter Tasting organized by Franck Debernardi, and the other people partizipating also did not like this one very much sadly. Franck told us that this one is a single organic malted rye at 56% ABV from Domaine des Hautes Glaces. Matured 18 months in Condrieu (white wine from Vallée du Rhône) casks. Reduced to 56% before filling then Cask Strength. The distillery is still young & their malted barley new make, matured at 22 months is really different. For more information on this distillery please look 


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