Uberach W.L.P 10th edition – Tasting Notes

Dark burned sugar, pepper, spice, fresh, menthol, dark berry, sweet, citrus, wood, tobacco, raisin, vanilla, grassy notes, pencil shavings, dark plums, soaked christmas cake

Bitter, sweet, caramel, vanilla, lemon, mint, plums. Bit iron and apple syrup.

Middle long sweet finish.

6 out of 10. Has enough good tones in it, but missed some balance in the total picture sadly. Found this one a bit complex, and hard to read. There is enough in it, but just could not get the finger on the deeper flavours in this one.

Tasted this one in a Twitter Tasting organized by Franck Debernardi. This one is a Uberach W.L.P 10th edition 2013 bottling, 46,7% ABV from the Distillerie Bertrand. W.L.P. is a Whisky Live Paris bottling. It is distilled in 2003, and matured in Banyuls casks.

Franck told us that since 2009 every year a single cask is bottled and 20 litres is kept in a “Dame Jeanne” big bottle. This W.L.P. is the blending of what was left of casks 101, 102, 103 & 104. And are respectively bottled in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012.


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