Compass Box – Oak Cross – Tasting Notes

Pepper, fruit, sweet, wood, spice, toffee, vanilla, turkish delight, honey, apple, citrus and might even be a hint of tropical freshness underneath there. Very nice nose, feels balanced…

Spice and pepper first hit me, combined with honey. Warm and sweet dram. And warm vanilla/chocolade cake drizzled with honey comes to mind with a vanilla ice scoop on the side and some summer fruit/berry’s.

So promised my self to stay out of the naming up complete plates of food. But it is what it is 😉 Also some dried fruits there and orange, chocolate, and a bit of bitterness you find in nuts.

Very sweet, lots of honey, and vanilla. The vanilla is strong in here. Has a not so long finish on it.

A bit like a desert dram maybe due to the sweetness but very nicely balanced. Balanced is the key word here I think in the nose and palate…

Gave it a 7 out of 10. A very nice one. When people are asking for something to start with when drinking whisky I think the Compass Box range has something for every one. Tasted a couple of their products so far but find them very nicely balanced and at a decent price for most of their products I think.

Please have a look at their website for more info on this one and their full range.


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