Compass Box – The Spice Tree – Tasting Notes

Wood, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, spice, cherry’s in dark heavy juice, figs, prunes. Thick, more dense nose. Behind the spice that first hits you, there is a heather honeyed coating with some lavender and camilla flower tones. On one side it smells like wintery spices and the other side like a garden blooming in spring and full of flowers and herbs, fresh and sweet. Also takes you back to an old library and leather armchairs… Very full and rich nose on this one.

The first taste of this one is very full with pepper and hot. Peppery almost like chili pepper. That fades and then the chocolate and nutty tones arrives. A creamy, warm, and full bodied palate. Honey, vanilla, raisin, ginger, spice, cinnamon, baked pear, nutmeg and so much more behind it closely… And also a hint of dry coconut in there mixed with some lemon tones.

Sweet, like dark sugar sweet, and medium length. There is also a lingering nutty tone, that gives it a bit dryness to it.

7,5 out of 10. Hot and elegant. Read more on this whisky here and also some more details here
There are different versions of the Spice Tree. So we have tried to unravel the bottling code on this miniature, and concluded that this might be one bottled in 2005 and from the original series as they call it? Found it in a little shop tucked away in the back. But not sure if this is a miniature (with code LQ10805 11537BB) that is from the original ‘The Spice Tree’ or from after the changes. Maybe someone knows more about it? They say that the labels are different also and that you can spot it there?


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