Belgian Owl – Festival Notes

It was good to see Etienne at the Pot Still Festival and to hear the progresses on the works done at the moment. We were there before, and now the stills are in place and all is operational.
So it is time for us to get back there for an other look I think, curious how it all is now…

He had with him the 4 years old whisky, that was made in the old stills. Bottled at 46% and for sale for 49,95 euro. It was like I remembered from the last visit, still nice, and still I think that there is a lot of potential here, and maybe it could use a couple of years more, and am looking forward to the older versions coming from this distillery.

In 2014 we visited the Pot Still Festival again where Etienne got the 5 year old expression with him. It was fresh and fruity. Very nice, sweet, peppery and spicy finish. With some water added it gave us some light nutty notes, bit dry peanut and walnuts.


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