Glen Highland Class – 13 YO – Tasting Notes

Warm, caramel, fudge, vanilla, sticky toffee pudding, sweet and thick flavours. Creamy and red apples, and in the back orange and some lemon, but the coat of caramel and fudge is thick here.

Warm and sweet again, full of spices and a bit dry caramel and coffee notes. Dried stone fruits like apricots, prunes and raisins. Also a bit of honey, vanilla and marmalade…

Find the dry aftertaste a bit too much combined with the strong raisin sweetness. Not a very long finish. Develops a bit in to vanilla pipe tobacco in the end.

It is clearly one with Sherry influence, but I find it too thick and the finish I do not like that much. I like Sherry cask influences, but this is too much. I give it a 5 out of 10…

This 5th whisky in the Glen Class range of the Malts of Scotland, is a Highlander matured in Sherry barrels. The name of the distillery is not stated any where. This whole range is bottles at 50%, and are only 999 bottles available for a price around 45 euro. This is the last one of the Glen Class range, Malts of Scotland is focussing more on the single cask bottlings, in a new ‘Images’ series. The whisky’s of Malts of Scotland are not colored, unchillfiltered and bottled at cask strength.


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