Malts of Scotland – Festival Notes

Updating my tasting notes, on quick notes made on festivals, I found these notes made on a masterclass done at the Hielander Festival. Here we had some expressions of Malts of Scotland

– Bruichladdich 1988, 54.3 abv, sherry bottled, 2012

– Glenturret 1977, 47.4 abv, bourbon bottled, 2012
– Arran 1996, 56.3 abv, sherry bottled, 2013
– Bowmore 1999, 61.2 abv, bourbon bottled, 2011
– Port Charlotte 2001, 63.3 abv, sherry bottled, 2012

Below here my notes from that tasting, I was looking to developing my palate, and now am noticing more and more in the way of writing and making notes that the development goes fast in ‘learning whisky’ so to say…. What a difference a small year can make…
All the expressions scored above 7 out of 10. Exact scores I do not recall any more, but liked these bottlings very much must say.
Notes from the festival
My favorites were the Bruichladdich 1988 and the Glenturret 1977. These had flavours like raisins, gingerbread, a hint of christmas pudding, fruits, and a bit of fudge maybe. The Arran was a bit to much Granny Smith apple for me, sharp through the 56,3 abv, but I had a hard time making out more in this then green apples, light citrus, apple syrop, raisins…
The Bowmore and the Port Charlotte where a surprise to me, because I tend much not to like peated whiskys. A year ago my nose disagreed with just a little hint of it, and I am noticing that through tasting and learning, I am starting to appreciate the peat more and more. This I like because I try to expand my range of smell and taste.



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