Jura – 16YO – Tasting Notes

Medicinal and iodine notes very heavy at first. Also after a good nosing I found some soft sweetness in the back with some lemon notes. Some sweetness hidden behind the iodine, with some fruits, fudge, pepper and banana. Hard to smell through the iodine.

Light flowers, sweet, peaches, apples, pears, banana, 7-up, fresh, lemon, orange, malty, marmalade, chocolate.

Not so long, have some honey notes in there and a light marmalade bitter.

Iodine on the nose is too heavy, the palate is sweet, light and fresh. Those two do not match and there for I find it not to be in balance. A 5,5 out of 10. There is more in the bottle, may be coming back to this one for an other chance.


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