Jura – Prophecy – Tasting Notes

Iodine, medicinal again… The Jura expressions seem to tend to have a nose that start with this apparently 😦

Behind the medicinal notes there is some sweetness and prunes, tobacco, heather, smoke, oily, tar, chili peppers, caramel, salty, meaty… Needs to be warmed up heavily to come a bit more alive sadly and lose the medicinal a bit

Gingerbread, smoky, buttery, liqeurish, and lots of caramel. There are some spices and pepper in there. Makes it a warm dram, wintery feel to it, and a good dash of cinnamon.

The finish is medium length, and has a bit too much cinnamon dryness must say. Like I have an ashy combo with cinnamon in my mouth right now… Not sure about this one.

Must say, liked Jura a couple of years ago, but now am coming back reviewing the 10, 16, and the Prophecy. Have the Elixer 12YO closed in the cuboard, getting to that one in the future. I am not liking it as much as back then. The Prophecy is then the best one of them to me at the moment.

I know, I am not making lots of friends by saying this, but this blog is for my own tasting notes and opinions, and try to hold on to that promise to my self. Sorry Jura, this one gets a bit higher then the others, but just. A 6 out of 10. The medicinal on the nose and the ashy mouthfeel in the end that brings it down a lot.

Curious to hear what others think of this medicinal thing with Jura. Tried a couple different expressions now, and they seem to have it in the basic somewhere? Or is it just me? Maybe I have changed and went from liking to disliking? Can that be?


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