Highland Park – Thorfinn – Tasting Notes

Spicy, vanilla, dark chocolate with red pepper bowls on it. Camille blossom, high sweet notes from exotic fruits like fresh pineapple. Light wood notes, some coriander, eucalyptus, toffee, and also some sweet pipe tobacco, mango, and fresh strawberry. This one has a beautiful nose, and you keep discovering things in it…

Sweet, warm, wood, dark chocolate, pepper, ginger, cherry, plums, vanilla, clove, nutmeg. Some freshness in the back from some mint notes. This one has a very high yummy factor…

Cacao, cinnamon, fresh strawberry, all kind of red fruits, vanilla and cream. A long finish… Delicious one…

This one is available at around €1,000 and bottled at 45.1% Gave this one 8 out of 10. It is beautiful for sure but it is THE most expensive whisky I have tasted until this moment. It is 60% first fill casks, and has some serious depth in it. Would love to have a bottle of it, but has to be on a big sale… What does Highland Park tells us about this series and expression?

The Warrior Series is a range of six single malts whiskies showcasing the very best of Highland Park. Offering a spectrum of flavours but grounded in Highland Park’s gently smoky but surprisingly sweet character, the palate experiences a full flavour journey from start to finish, beginning with lighter vanilla and citrus flavours and moving to more complex, richer and sweeter flavours.

Highland Park has strong Viking roots and this is celebrated throughout the collection. Uniting legends and characters famed for their battle skills, The Warrior Series brings Highland Park’s dramatic heritage to life in a vivid and innovative way.

Thorfinn was a man of much power and influence, who at one stage controlled the whole of the Orkney Islands. The Orkneyinga Saga described him as a great chief, the tallest and strongest of men whose remains are buried in St Magnus Cathedral on Orkney.


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