The Edradour – Ballechin #3 Port Cask Matured -Tasting Notes

Smoke, ginger, peat, iodine at first. Then I had some flavours like a cow stable and wet hay. But when leaving it a bit and warming it became more oily and sweet. It has a sweet nose, filled with fruits like red and black berries and some fresh strawberries in the back. Some vanilla in the mix and some plums and you have a beautiful rich nose. You would not say immediately that is a port matured whisky.

Smoky, vanilla, raisin, black current, sweet, fruity, red berry, black berry, strawberry, liqeurish, herbal. A nice balanced sweet but smoky dram. Again not thinking directly of port, when I would taste this one blind. It is like a rich bread filled with nuts and dried stone fruits.

The finish gave me again plums, herbal, liqeurish, and a lingering smoke in the back. It has a medium length finish.

This one gets a 7,5 out of 10 for me. Beautiful expression, feels balanced. It is matured solely in Port hogsheads. They say that the phenol levels lye somewhere around 50PPM.


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