Bowmore – John Milroy Single Cask bottling – Tasting Notes

Sweet, lemon, toffee, fruity, heather, honey and some peat notes.

Sweet, lemon, orange, mint, vanilla, raisin, fruit.
Some heather, peat and honey also in there too.

Sweet and fruity, not very long. It has a bit peat dry mouthfeel afterwards.

A nice, not difficult dram. Could not find sadly much in it, It is fresh and fruity, could imagine drinking this on a summers day, although the 50% abv it feels a bit ‘light’ strangely. I feel that I am missing some depth in this one, so a 6 out of 10.


  • John Milroy Single Cask
  • Bowmore Distillery
  • Distilled 1990
  • Bottled 1999
  • 50% ABV
  • Golden Strength
  • Millenium Selection

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