Bruichladdich – Single Cask Bottling 7 yo – Tasting Notes


Floral, sweet, fruit, citrus, light, fresh. In my mind I am thinking of sitting in a garden filled with flowers full in bloom, having a home made lemon lemonade, and a nice piece of lemon cheesecake. 
Fruity,vanilla, caramel, sweet, white grapes, and a lot of citrus…
Not a very long finish. It has something in it that reminds me of grape pits, the bitterness of it.
It is a ‘springtime’ dram, it has that feel to it. But in the finish is something that gets me confused. The palate is fresh, sweet and fruity, but the finish has some dryness, metallic feel almost in it. Bit bitter… That is why this one gets a 5,5 out of 10 from me. I love a lot that comes out of this distillery, but I think the Madeira in this one gives it just something that I do not like sadly.

  • single cask bottling 7 yo
  • bottled at 46%
  • bourbon cask and madeira cask
  • distilled 2001
  • No picture available due to self made sample from a distillery bottling, and missing some more details now, bottle could not be traced sadly. Shopkeeper told us it was a matt bottle, so we think this one below should be the one with a little help of the internet, but not sure…

Micro Provenance – 2001 Bourbon/Madeira Cask:037

Age 7 y
Bottled 28.07.2009 

Alc. 46% Vol.
Distilled 14.11.2001
Single Cask
Distilled Strength: 71,5%
Filled: 14.11.2001

Original Cask: Bourbon. 
Oak type: American oak. Additional Cask Evolution: Madeira Casks. 

Filled: 27.03.2006. 
Cask no. 037. 
Bottled 25.06.2009

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