Dailuaine – 15 YO – Douglas Laing Old Particular – Tasting Notes

Sweet, caramel, heather honey, vanilla, milk chocolate, raisin, apple, pepper, fruity, lemon
eucalyptus and pine needles, coconut, pineapple

Sweet, warm, creamy, pepper, citrus sourness, honey, heather, red berry, blackcurrent, fruity, lemongrass, fresh pineapple, toffee, coconut, milk chocolate

Not a very long finish, it is a sweet and a bit lingering to cocoa finish though.

Gave this one a 7 out of 10. A very nice but very sweet dram. A bit too sweet…
Had a sample of this expression in a Twitter Tasting and have sadly no more details available on bottling and distilling date at the moment. Cant seem to find a picture of the bottle, maybe due to the release in december 2013…

– Douglas Laing bottling
– Dailluaine Distillery
– Old Particular series
– 15 year old
– Bottled at 48,4% ABV
– Charged from a Bourbon barrel
– Single cask
– No added coloring
– No chill filtration


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