Pappy van Winkle’s – Family Reserve – 15 YO – Tasting Notes

Sweet, thick, bbq meat marinade, raisin, orange marmalade, citrus, tobacco, leather, wax, caramel, some hay, chili pepper. Toffee sweetness but also some eucalyptus freshness coming through.

Chili peppers, warm, sweet, bbq meaty, raisin, vanilla, orange, citrus, freshness of strong mint combined with the lemon. Bit wood dryness, walnuts and some black pepper.

Some dried stone fruits in there, apricots, prunes and figs almost… Almost liking a platter of cheese here to accompany it. It has something creamy in it, something soft after the pepper fades away. But sugar cane sweetness remains a bit combined with some caramel

It has a medium length finish with some nutty bitternes also in the back.

This was a blind sample sent to me by Shai, and found it to be a balanced and complex one. Gave this one a 7.5 out of 10.


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