Wiser’s – Red Letter – Virgin Oak Finish 2013 Release – Tasting Notes

In the same a Twitter Tasting where we tasted this Canadian Club we had the pleasure to taste an other great dram. This event was hosted by Johanne, Graham, and Davin in a what is in total 4 different sessions, where we talk about Davin his book and Canadian Whisky. This dram is ‘Red Letter’ from Wiser’s, a Virgin Oak Finish, 2013 release.


Pencil shaving, earthy, forest tones, eucalyptus, wet moss, cider, and pine needles.
With some time the nose becomes more and more fruity, and sweet, the earthy disappears and makes place for some citrus notes.

Pine, fresh, citrus, sweet, caramel, vanilla, pepper, red sweet onion, spicy/citrus, rye bread, butterscotch, nuts, fruits. A lot of liqeurish notes in there, dried fruit, ginger, honey.

Liqeurish, honey, sweet, dried fruits. Also a bit minty finish, bit of milk chocolate in there, A middle length finish, going to almost a long one.

This is a complex and balanced dram for sure. Giving it a 7,5 out of 10. Beautiful.

On the website of Wiser’s there is a whole piece on the history of whisky, a very nice thing to read if you have the chance. They say they use only superior ingredients,  and age in premium white oak barrels. Over the years the tradition of distilling has been passed down the generations, and today the Wiser’s whisky is the same whisky envisioned and developed by J.P. Wiser himself. It is still handmade using traditional methods to ensure that the final product still lives up to the standards set out by J.P. Wiser almost 150 years ago.

Please have a look at Davin his great website if you want to know more about him or Canadian Whisky. Thanks to Johanne, Graham, and Davin for this great sample, and make sure to tune in to the #DavinTT2 Twitter action…!


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