Amrut – Kadhambam – Tasting Notes

At first there are some sweet but also vinegar notes. Mixed with a bit of floral notes. Giving me a bit of medicinal idea strangely. After the glass is warmed up a bit the sweet notes become more apparent. This one really needs to be a bit warmed up. Then the biscuit notes and fruit cake in there come out, and also melon with good ham comes to mind.

This nose is malty, fruity, and full of rich notes… But find the notes hard to determine with this one really. It takes a while, but then it is very nice.


The palate is sweet, fruity, vanilla, honey, minty, and has some citrus notes. Also some more lush notes like peach, mango, and some chocolate. A very rich cake filled with fruits, spices, chocolate and other sweet yumminess.

This has a medium length finish, sweet and fruity.

7,5 out 10. Had this one at a festival earlier, and now this one was in a blind sample tasting line up. That was a bit hard must say, due to the need to warm it up and that the nose throws you off then. But this is a very nice dram, and hope to have a chance to taste this one again soon somewhere.


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