Forty Creek – Heart of Gold – Tasting Notes


Nose gives me first some tomato juice, leather, figs, dark red fruit jam, and a bunch of vegetables strangely. Also some nuts, raisin, and cereal… The stewed vegetables are been replaced by sweet nutty and fruity notes…

Minerals, earthy, herbs, and citrus peel. But I also get sherry flavors of nutty leather & figs. Getting also some fresh minty notes combined with nuts and dried apricots. Stewed pears, nutmeg, and rye notes

Creamy, milk chocolate, white chocolate, rye. Bit woody and herbal. Grapefruit, dry oatmeal cookies, dry fruitcake mixed with spices. Some sweet sherry notes coming through but very faint. It changes to a leather, vanilla, rye spices, fruit cake, chocolate, and some dried fruits in the mix. Has some sweetness and creaminess to it…

Dry, nutmeg, cinnamon, not so long and a bit metallic and mineral in the end

6,5 out of 10. There was absolutely a lot of notes in there, but in the end I find it is not something that I would ‘crave’ for I think. The finish was too dry, metallic and mineral for me. It was quite a difficult one to read. I have tasted this one in the #davintt2 tasting and have some left in the bottle so will give it an other try an other day, maybe get to a different score…


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