Teeling – Single Grain Whiskey – Red wine cask – Tasting Notes

Citrus, cereal, spice, lemon curd, vanilla, maize, forest fruit, blackberries, grapefruit, pomolo, creamy, velvet and a bit grassy. The nose is very fresh and sweet and gives me the sense of being in a store filled with pastries and having a good fruitbowl.

Creamy and getting some fresh pomolo and grapefruit also on the palate combined with some pepper and some forest fruits. That combined with vanilla and raisins gives it a fresh and sweet palate.

The finish is smooth and has some citrus freshness/byte to it. But also the sweetness of the vanilla continues in the palate and gets a combination a bit in the end of the middle length finish of cereal and chocolate flakes with some orange juice on the side. The creaminess comes back as a mouthfeel at the end, bit milky feel.

Giving this a 7,5 out of 10. Had a couple of other grain expressions and must say I have a hard time appreciating most of them. But this one surprised me, and this is definitely one I would love to have in the collection. It feels like a fresh fruity spring dram. Very nice! Teeling Single Grain is double distilled from maize and full matured in ex- Californian Cabarnet Sauvignon wine barrels. This is bottled at 46% with no chill filtration and no coloring added


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