Carn Mor Glentauchers 2006 – Tasting Notes

An 3 year old bottling of the Vintage Collection of Carn Mor. 24 single malt scotch whiskies, from 24 individual casks, from 24 selected distilleries, from 24 different vintages all bottled at 46%abv in a 20cl bottle.

Carn Mor is the independent bottling department of the Scottish Liqueur Centre in Bankfoot.

It was launched in 2008 with single cask, cask strength bottlings. In 2012 they introduced the first range at 46% to try to get a “affordable” whisky out there with for bottlings from top class malts.

Raw spirit roughness, vanilla, raisin, sweet, dried apricots, honey, fruits, red apple, pear, strawberry. Almost a bit of pineapple to be found there in the back

Sweet, marshmallow, fruit, red berry, honey, clove, ginger, thyme, and a light, very light pepper… It is sweet and has some citrus freshness to it, combined with fruit, and spices in the back

Not so long, bit of dry cocoa mouthfeel combined with nutmeg, almost like eating to much speculaas

6 out of 10, needs time in the barrel for sure… But it is still 3 years old, so that is the roughness in there. Interesting…


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