Glen Els – Rivesaltes – Tasting Notes

Glen Els is a German Distillery who has made a woodsmoked whisky. This expression is 5 years old and bottled at 46,6% ABV. Cask Type used is Rivesaltes – Tuilés / Grenache and the malt used is 50% woodsmoked and 50% Regular. It has been distilled at 17-01-2008 and is bottled on 25-10-2013. They use no chill filtration and colouring.

Had a bit of the Journey expression at the same night as this one. This one was more woody, warm, and sweet. But the both have difficult noses and need a lot of time to open up.

Young, sweet, fruity… A much like the Journey but with a cover of wood over it really.

Dry, and not long

6,5 out of 10. This really needs some more time in the cask, but not sure what that will do really. The combination of casks used and the spirit give me not a very positive idea of this. Maybe have to try more of them in a later time. Don’t really know what to think of it at the moment, has to get a second chance from me first …


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