The Macallan – Amber – Tasting Notes

From The Macallan there is the 1824 Series with expressions called Gold, Amber, Sienna and Ruby

In a tasting we had the Amber lined up. The nose gives me sweetness, fruit, and mixed with some fruits. It really needs time to open up and some warmth.

This serie focusses on color and a no age statement, with no extra coloring added. This one is matured in Sherry casks, and the nose has a sweet note in it, but in the back also something metallic… The tones of vanilla, grain, raisins, toffee, soft fruitcake and some dried apricots are on top. Mixed with some citrus and blossom notes. It has something fresh and fruity over it. But the notes lingering in the back from a more metallic and sulfurous kind make me dislike it a bit. Not sure…

Moving on to the palate, hoping to get something more there to be able to say what my thoughts and scores are on this one. It is soft, has something metallic again in the back. But the bigger notes are sweet, fresh, fruity, raisin, lemon, oranges, candy, almost liqeurish. Peach softness, and some honey. Has some cherry blossom and toffee in it.

The finish is not long, with some dark chocolate bitterness in it, mixed with the sweetness of honey and the dryness of full grain cookies. But also the metallic comes back up sadly. Maybe a higher ABV then the 40% it is now, can give it a bit more punch it needs? Think it lacks a bit of oomph… Give it a 7 out of 10. It is really not bad, but just can use something more?


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