Octomore Comus 4.2 – Tasting Notes

This bottle was on the wish list of my husband for some time, and we have opened it for the new year celebration as first dram in 2014, to give the year a good kick off so to say.

In all the midst of the new year wishes of every body we sadly were reminded again that life is too short and fragile to be wasted or hasted through. On this same night we were celebrating the beginning of the new year a colleague of my husband died suddenly at a young age.

Please all love the people around you, and let them know every day what they mean to you. Focus on the positive things in live, and celebrate life by living it, and exploring new things and meeting new people.

We were all ready planning on going forward with the way we were going with our whisky journey, but now even more, and just doing it, and living. Every day. Life is too short.

About the tasting notes on this beauty…
This expression you just keep sniffing and sniffing. OMG what a beauty and full, very full of flavours dancing around together in perfect balance…

The nose gives you an extensive array of beautiful tones. Peat, heather, salty seaweed notes, orange marmalade, fudge, tropical fruit notes, pineapple, creamy, thick, mango, lemon, Turkish delight, baklava, pistachio, chocolate, soft roses, pear, apricot, red apple, sweet, salty peanuts, caramel sweetness, mint, passion fruit, raisin, leather, tobacco, vanilla…

The palate has first some pepper, combined with cream, mint, sweet, vanilla, and raisin. And the notes that can be found on the nose just continue in here… It develops in a long finish who is sweet, warm fruit, chocolate/fudge. Very very nice.

This Octomore I scored a 9 our of 10. Although it is 167 ppm and 61%, you would not give that directly. It is just a beautiful balanced dram.

We have been twice to Bruichladdich, once during Feis Ile. It is a great place to visit and meet some wonderful people. Here you can find some of our pictures of our trip of this distillery.

Bliadhna mhath ùr!


2 thoughts on “Octomore Comus 4.2 – Tasting Notes

  1. I am in total agreement with you. As a society we seem to think that we will live forever. It's not “if” we die, it's a matter of when. I watch so many of my friends say: “When I retire I'll travel or I'll open that bottle of whisky on a special occasion”. Today is your special occasion. Live now…. Enjoy now…. Tell the people you love and appreciate now… otherwise you are sitting at a funeral home regretting that you didn't. In memory of those we lost… dram now, live the dreams today and love…



  2. People seem so attached to the things that society sets for them out on the road, and people dont seem to be able to act on challenges and changes, they are afraid. I know it is difficult and I certainly dont have the right answer on how to do it, but if people keep an open mind, I think they can be surprised to all that comes on their path. It is scary but sometimes you just have to let go and just see what happens… I am all for security in my life, but my heart gets pumping for the unknown more and more I try it… Just do it. 🙂


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