Carn Mor Vintage Collection – Mortlach 2006 – Tasting Notes

Very young roughness, first thing that comes to mind is rubber and gym lockers. It has something soapy, combined with rosemary. I left it open for a while, warming up and breathing, in the hope that would help a bit. But it sadly did not. It is a sweet nose, some citrus, vanilla, raisins and some grapes.

Again rough notes. Citrus and some orchard fruits. Fruity and sweet. Vanilla and almost floral notes…

Not a very long, but sugary sweet finish

6 out of 10. Many people are very fond of Mortlach. Have had a 14 yo of the Maltman earlier, and that one was also not so, but also had two independed bottlers who were very nice. Those two made me look out more for Mortlach, but the latest ones tasted make me doubt it. Looking at the details of the different bottles I think it is the Refill Sherry Hogshead on the Exclusive Malts bottling that made the difference, to make a better balance. Something to look into, and find me some more of the Mortlach bottlings combined with Sherry.


2 thoughts on “Carn Mor Vintage Collection – Mortlach 2006 – Tasting Notes

  1. Nice review Ansgar. Shame this didn't work out in the end. I love the Carn Mor “Strictly Limited” range and once sampled a Mortlach from this at a Whisky Event. It definitely came across a good bit better. Did this ever come good and settle down or was it just one of those ones that never seemed to make it?


  2. Hi, thanks! Think this one is just a bit too young. There are certainly some good ones out there. Just have to find me some more, maybe the ones I found are not of a good cask? You never know… Like this Vintage collection though of Carn Mor… Have tasted some of the strictly limited and loved those…. The discovery continues 🙂


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