Johnnie Walker – Black Label – Tasting Notes

Raisin, vanilla, sweet, orange, lemon, heather, spice, pepper, ginger, almond. Almost a bit marzipan note in there. It has similarities with the Red Label but is a bit denser on the nose. The Red Label was more soft and fruity. This one is more spice and dense sweetness. Also there are fresh and fruity notes in there, orchard fruits, a bit melon and peaches…

Pepper, creamy, barley, caramel, toffee, heather, woody herbs, oregano.
Dark forest fruits, honey, and bit cinnamon. Also a hint of chocolate in there.

Soft, sweet and bit honeyed finish, lingering chocolate note. The marzipan notes come back a bit, combined with some herbal notes. The finish is medium length.

Like this one better then the Green- and Red Label, but nothing wrong with this one for sure. It is spicy, fresh, fruity and sweet. Something not difficult but also full enough to just sit back and relax. For this price a very good quality there for an 7 out of 10.


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