Johnnie Walker – Double Black – Tasting Notes

Raisin, sweet, heather, smoke and BBQ notes come first to mind when nosing this one. Orange, citrus, honey, and thick meaty BBQ marinade notes, mixed with some good spices.

Like the Black Label there are similarities again, but this one has a bigger punch to it. It has more thick smokier notes, combined with the fruity sweet fresh notes.

Fruity notes of red apple, pear, grapes, galia melon, grapefruit, and orange. Some white creamy chocolate and vanilla in the mix there…

Pepper, and white grapes, with a massive amount of honey is the first thing that comes to mind when given this one a taste. Sweet, fruity, and fresh again. Sweet red apples, bit pear, banana, caramel, chocolate, creamy and melon notes. The notes from the nose come back on the palate. The herbal notes, the dark forrest fruit, heather and BBQ meaty notes. Very balanced dram.

Medium length, and bit sweet and fresh. Some lemon notes and orange. Vanilla and raisins, and some chocolate sprinkles.

Must give this one a 7,5 out of 10. Very nicely balanced. For the money this bottle is really something just to have standard in home.


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