Three Ships – 10 yo – Tasting Notes

Yoav shared a sample of the Three Ships 10 year old with us. Earlier this year I wrote some notes on it. But not completely satisfied with them and now having the chance to taste some more from the JS Distillery, and returning to this one. There was a little bit left in the sample given so very glad to be able to have an second taste at this one. What are they telling us about this one?

Back in 2003, the first South African single malt whisky was released in the form of Three Ships 10 Year Old. This limited-release earned a gold medal at the 2007 International Wine and Spirits Competition and showed the world that South Africa and Three Ships were serious about their whisky. 

We launched another edition of this collector’s item in 2010 and will be releasing another two limited edition 10 Year Old Single Malt Whiskies over the next two years. The three tin collection will be the ideal keepsake for whisky lovers.
We were lucky to receive some other samples from expressions of this distillery. Please have a look for those notes here. Below the notes on the lovely 10 year old, with some additions to the earlier post.

Toffee sweet, vanilla, spice, barley, and floral. Fruit notes of apple and pear. Bit coconut and marzipan, hint of pepper, hard lemon candy, and buttery.

Sweet, vanilla, fudge, pepper, ginger bread, bit rye, caramel, toffee, barley, apple, pear, lemon, peach, dark fruit jam, honey, cocoa butter, bit rosemary, and raisins

Middle length finish, bit honey and cocoa butter

An 7,5 out of 10. Lovely and sweet dram. Found it balanced, smooth, sweet and pleasant.


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