Inchgower 23yo – Kintra – Tasting Notes

Sweet, green tea, liqeurish, anice, citrus, stinging nettle, elderflower, grapefruit, fresh, garden mint, rose hip flowers, dried fruits, vanilla, raisin, hints of marzipan and rich fruitcake in the back.

Pepper, warm, sweet, marzipan, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, soft honey, milk chocolate, creamy, fresh, oranges, kiwi fruit, raisin, vanilla, warm baking spices, Bastogne cookies.

Middle length finish with a sweet raisin and milk chocolate finish. A fruitcake comes to mind, a very rich one.

This dram needed a bit of time to open up, but when it did, it revealed some great fresh and sweet notes. Nicely balanced, beautiful nose and palate. 8 out of 10 for me. Would love to have a bottle of this one in the collection…

About this bottling
– Inchgower Distillery
– Matured 23 years in a bourbon hogshead
– Cask no #6746
– Distilled 5/1990
– Bottled 10/2013
– 48,3% ABV
– Natural Colour
– Non chill filtered

About Kintra
Kintra Whisky is a Dutch company run by Erik Molenaar. Kintra Whisky selects, imports and exports the independent whisky bottlings for the Kintra Single Cask Collection.

Thank you Erik for providing us with a sample of this great bottling! This Inchgower bottling is part of his latest release which contained also an Auchentoshan 15 year old (matured in bourbon) and an Aultmore 6 year old (matured in sherry)


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