Compass Box – The Entertainer – Tasting Notes

Malty, sweet, creamy, white pepper, soft nose, clover honey, hint of liqeurish in the back. Granny smith apples, vanilla, brioche, vanilla cream puffs, white chocolate, raisin, cereal with tropical dried fruit in it, custard sweetness, and earthy red beats.

Liqeurish, soft honey, anice, warm, mango, tropical fresh sweetness, pineapple, lemon, warm spices, cocoa powder, nutmeg, creamy white chocolate, vanilla richness, raisin, dried apricots, caramel

Bit cocoa butter, lemon and with a light bitter espresso note in the back. Medium length and bit malty, light coconut and white chocolate.

Compass Box have teamed up with Selfridge’s for this release and is only available there. It is created to celebrate the life of Gordon Selfridge, the founder. The Entertainer is bottled at 46% ABV and 1000 bottles available.

I give this one a 7,5 out of 10. This one feels very balanced and round. But also feels a bit “fragile” like it maybe could benefit from a higher ABV. It is a very nice dram, sweet and rich. Thanks Johanne for sharing this one with me!


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