Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix – Tasting Notes

This is a limited edition release commemorating a moment of drama in the history of the distillery. This was created with whisky from Oloroso and American oak casks. 
Ranging from 13 and 30 years of age, that lay in warehouses which collapsed under snow on the 7th January 2010. In total 60,000 bottles were produced of this whisky what was saved, and bottled in a limited non-aged 47,6% single malt.


Sweet, fruity, vanilla, toffee, custard, raisin, malt, creamy, white chocolate. Lovely sweet and creamy nose. Fresh lime, orange, and pink grapefruit notes. And the sweetness of raisin, dried apricots, and some sweet ripe stone fruits… Mixed together with a bit malty note, and some rich vanilla notes.

Sweet, creamy, chocolate, rich vanilla, warm, toffee, honey, bit floral, rich, banana, lemon, orange marmalade, raisin, dried apricots, dried berry mix, black berries, raspberry, blackcurrant. A thick and almost syrupy feel to this one. Would go fine with a desert I think, it is rich and sweet.

Medium length finish, with honey, raisin and toffee notes coming to the front more and more in the end, mixed with rich vanilla creaminess.

8 out of 10 for this beautiful and full expression. Thanks to Adrian Barnett for sharing! 

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