Millstone – 5 years old – Tasting Notes

Hay, light smoke, dried apples, sweet red ripe apples, anice, lime, orange, raisin, vanilla, white pepper, cinnamon, sweet baking spices, speculaas, ginger and some light eucalyptus notes.

Bit young and earthy at first, mixed with some warm red summer fruit flavours, and honey. Cherry’s and red apples. Ginger and liqeurish are very present here, bit dry wood in the end combined with chocolate butter.

Bit dry, medium length finish, with dry cocoa and cinnamon notes.

7 out of 10. Lovely soft, but full nose. Palate had a bit young feel to it, and bit dry finish, but very nice. This was a sample, love to try me some more of this one or get a full size bottle.


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