Jameson Gold Reserve – Tasting Notes

Jameson about the Gold Reserve…

“This has been the toast of whiskey critics for many years now. Perhaps, they love the creative blend of three aged whiskeys, one of which is uniquely matured in virgin oak barrels delivering a smooth complex taste profile. When the spirit is aged in bourbon barrels and sherry casks, the whiskey’s honey toasted sweetness blossoms with notes of spice surface, winning over even the most, ahem, stubborn critics worldwide.”

Had a taste of this one in the #IrishWhiskey Twitter Tasting organized by Steve Rush from The Whisky Wire. This was the second in the tasting and after the Original what we tasted first it showed again that metallic note on the palate and finish that makes me curious to know where it comes from. I found it more an some Irish Whiskeys I tasted before and am wondering if that is a combination with the way of distilling and unmalted barley that I am experiencing. Something to look into for sure.

Malt, spice, sweet, vanilla, citrus freshness underneath, honey, eucalyptus, bit wood notes, but in a good way. Fruity, raisin, soft flowers, crisp fresh, sweet, toast, and toffee.

Oily, vanilla, citrus, bit bitter note again from grapefruit, and sourness from that. But more sweeter then the Original, and it has more vanilla, creme brûlée notes in it for sure. A sweet mix of honey comb, cornflakes malty, granola mix, cocoa butter, raisin and orange marmalade.

Medium length finish, with some vanilla, malty and marmalade notes, combined with a bit nutty bitter in the back. It has a bit dry mouthfeel to it, bit like nutmeg and cocoa

6 out of 10. With this one I get, just as with the Original a metallic finish in it. It has for me too much citrus notes, and bitter and sourness coming from that. Combined with the metallic finish this one is not for me…

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