Jameson Original – Tasting Notes


Soft, sweet, herbal, citrus, garden mint, gooseberry, green apple, fresh, floral, grapefruit. More warm sweet fruits come forward when warming up. Marzipan, soft liqeurish, vanilla, fresh green cut grass, marmalade, and lemon curd come forward with some time and warming the glass.

Bit grassy and herbal notes. Citrus, pomolo, grapefruit bitterness a bit combined with some nuts. Bit young feel to it. Vanilla, victoria cake, metallic, bee wax, melon, apple, pear, marmalade and mint.

Soft medium length finish. Bit citrus and green sour apples, combined with marmalade and metallic notes on the end of it.

6 out of 10. This expression is the classic, flagship dram and made at the Midleton Distillery just outside Cork. It has a bit too “clean” nose and palate to my feel must say, and a very present metallic note that I dont like much.

Had a taste of this one in the #IrishWhiskey Twitter Tasting organized by Steve Rush from The Whisky Wire.

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