The Balvenie – Signatory 1974 – Tasting Notes

Sweet, vanilla, raisin, custard, gummi bears, pepper, sweet fruit, honey, walnuts, fudge, and chocolate.

With some water it becomes a bit more grassy combined with very sweet fruits rising stronger to the nose.

Citrus, chocolate, fruit, sweet, honey combined with some wood notes. Soft fruit, red apple, banana, vanilla, raisin, and caramel.

Adding some water to this whisky brings to the front a dry cacao taste with orange, pineapple, tropical fruits, and honey sweet.

Medium length finish with slightly woody note at first. But then a crisp fresh finish appears suddenly like pine, citrus and mint 

7,5 out of 10. This Balvenie Signatory bottling is from the Vintage 1974 and bottled at 57,1 %. It has been matured in oak casks for 15 years. Distilled on 19-12-1974 and bottled in July 1990. Casks from #18103 to #18130 was used and this bottle was no. 1522 from the 2500 bottled. 

Tasted this next to Dun Eideann bottling from the same casks and age but bottled at a lower ABV. Was great to be able to taste these next to each other. Loved the Signatory bottling more must say. Just more present notes on it, more lush feeling to it. The Dun Eideann felt almost a bit “watery”? 


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