Jameson – Special Reserve 12 – Tasting Notes

This dram I left to rest a bit before nosing and tasting, and noticed a strong difference…

Cold glass gave me: soft, cream, bit metallic, and marmalade

Warming the glass in my hand, then it opened up: fudge sweetness, vanilla, sweet fruits, raisin, cream, chocolate, buttery, red apple, banana, red berries

Lemon, orange, fudge, vanilla, raisin, mint, cookie dough, baking spices,  sweet, fruitcake. Bit nut bitter note, chocolate, liqeurish, turkish delight, honey, peaches, grapes

Medium length, bit sweet cookie dough and chocolate feel to it. With some mixed nuts.

7 out of 10. This one needs to warm up to reveal it self. Gave it some time, and when nosing first there were some cool and “cleaner” notes. But when warming up in the glass while holding it, it just opened up.


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