Mackmyra – Midnattssol – Tasting Notes


Spice, gingerbread, warm, sweet, toffee, chocolate mouse, honey, raspberry, raisin, red and black berry, blackcurrent jam. Reminds me a bit of sticky toffee pudding one side and a dark chocolate cake with warm dark summer fruit jam. 
Very rich on the nose. When warming up it reveals also some fresh notes like vanilla, lemon, orange, green apple, fresh fruits and a hint of pine. It is a whirlpool of lovely notes drawing me more and more into the glass… 
When coming back to the nose after a little taste I noticed that it also has some notes in the back of a bit wood and leather. But not overpowering at all, very lovely.
Sweet, creamy, fruity, vanilla, green apple, raisin, lemon, grapefruit, grapes, honey, and then again the red summer fruits coming to the front…
Lovely light sweet fruit notes mixed with darker chocolate and light nutty notes. Maybe making that chocolate cake one with nuts also in it. In many whiskies you can find dense fruit cakes, but here is the chocolate kind of it. Like it very much. 
It is honey sweet with a toffee and dark jam note coming back from the nose. This whisky feels very balanced and rich. 
There is a minty and herbal freshness and some salty chocolate kind of feel. Rich vanilla and rum soaked raisins notes. Medium to long length finish. 
Oh my, the more I get to taste from Mackmyra the more I fall in love with the products they put out. This Midnattssol is a wonderful dram, scored an 8 out of 10 for me and would love myself a full bottle of it for sure. 
It is going to be released on the May 2nd 2014 in the Swedish monopoly shops Systembolaget. Bottled at 46,1% and the name Midnattssol translates in Midnight’s sun. This is a 2nd limited edition bottling after the Special series, with a Birch Wine Finish bottling.
Thanks Angela for sharing this one with us! 

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