Mackmyra – Midvinter 2013 – Tasting Notes


Spice, sweet, dense forrest notes, pepper, cinnamon, ginger. A sweet mixture of spices and dried fruits. Warm full notes of vanilla, raisin, dried apple, dried apricots, honey, and a dash of fresh lemon sweets and peppermint freshness over it.

Anice, pine, ginger bread, dense fruit cake, butterscotch, dark chocolate, heather, rose hip, cranberry, and a full array of many other summer fruits are coming to mind when nosing this one….

There is a combination of the denser more earthy notes, and lighter summer feel notes like citrus and fresh fruits…. Lovely combination. Does not has an overpowering sweetness to it on the nose, but nicely balanced.

At first you get an array of flavours like honey, cream, vanilla, raisin, red apples, orange marmalade, pomolo, pink grapefruit, eucalyptus and some floral notes coming through…

After the fresh and fruity notes there comes in the mix the dark chocolate, clove, ginger, cinnamon, butterscotch, cookie dough and baking spices. Giving it a deeper, warmer feel to it. Bit wood, bit like red wine mouthfeel but with a spoon of honey in combination. Warm red wine and spices…

Mackmyra tells us about this bottling:
Awaiting the return of spring, here comes a new whisky for frozen winter spirits. Mackmyra Midvinter is a complex limited edition whisky, something new to experience for both new consumers and collectors. With finish from French Bordeaux casks, glühwine casks and sherry casks, it’s a grown-up alternative to other traditional winter beverages.

You can certainly feel the cask influences coming through in this one, playing around on your palate.

The finish is a middle length finish, with sweet notes lingering on for a bit, and ending with the red wine mouthfeel a bit, not too dry, but mixed with some spice.
We were fortunate to receive a sample from this from Angela. This one is getting an 8 out of 10 from me. Mackmyra tells us “Midvinter warm your spirits while awaiting the return of spring” And it certainly drives the cold winter away, and makes a bridge, it is a lovely balanced and layered combination of different notes. Midvinter, translates as mid winter, is the first limited edition bottling that came after the Special series (1-10), a Mulled & Spiced Wine Finish bottling. Released in October 2013 and bottled at 46,1%.

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