Mackmyra – Moment Malström – Tasting Notes

Warm spicy sweetness mixed with banana and bit malty like Brinta at first. Fruit and berries come to mind.

Coriander, lemon, dried apricots, Turkish delight, plums, figs, leather, cassis, chocolate, mint, vanilla, and raisin.
A nice balanced mix of sweet and fresh notes full with fruity notes.

Mix of dried fruits, cream, red apple, banana, fresh summer fruits, lots of berries, and some fresh mint and citrus.

Vanilla and raisins, combined with some very rich fruit cake come to the front, with some chocolate sprinkles in them.

It is sweet and has a a rich and quite balanced feel to it. Very nice expression with warm fruity notes. Some baking spices, fudge and a hint of dry cinnamon and honey.

Medium length finish.  The vanilla, fudge and chocolate notes are strong to the end.

Balanced expression for sure, rate it 7,5 out of 10. Moment Malström, translated as whirlpool, is a limited edition of 1500 bottles. Made with whisky matured only in 30-Litre casks of all kinds from the Mackmyra cellars.

This whisky has been maturing in Ambassador Casks (see Moment Vinterträdgård for explanation), 1st fill Sherry, 1st fill ex-Bourbon, New Swedish Oak. 99% elegant whisky and 1% Smoky whisky. Bottled at 46.45ABV and due to be released in June 2014. Something to keep an eye out for. Thanks Angela for sharing it with us!


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