Mackmyra – Moment Vinterträdgård – Tasting Notes


Citrus, mint, cardamom, thyme, fresh, lemon, cream, fresh pastry, vanilla, creme brûlée. Jasmine tea, cherry blossom, kiwi fruit, orange, white chocolate. There is something salty and pine in there. There is something in there I cant place, put some drops of water in it, but it does not reveal much more to me with that. Almost some tobacco leaves, leather on one side, and light lemon cheese cake on the other side…
Black pepper, vanilla, spice, raisin, light flowers notes, liquorish, mint, lemon, cinnamon, chocolate chip cookies. 
Honey, chocolate, and some very nice dark summer fruit and fudge. Orange marmalade bitter, figs, and tobacco leaves. Also some herbs pop up in the back like thyme, clove and sage.
It has something fruit, but also somewhat floral notes in it. Mixed with some sherry like notes. But this one was made with ex wild raspberry wine casks, ex- lingonberry & blueberry wine casks and ex-Ambassadors casks (combination cask: 2nd fill mackmyra, new swedish oak). Maybe it is the combination of berry that is going on here.  
Medium length finish with a sweet dry cocoa finish to it. 
7 out of 10 for me on this one. I like it, but has a little metallic bitterness in it on the finish that is setting this one a little bit off I think? But just a little, its not overpowering. Bottled at 48,4%, and is a limited edition of 1500 bottles.

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