Balcones – Rumble Cask Reserve – Tasting Notes

Sweet, leather, cocoa butter, warm, raisin, and a hint of tobacco leaves. Christmas pudding, vanilla, dried fruits, tutti frutti, thick cream, dark chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, warm wood camp fire…

Fruitbowl with green apples, pink grapefruit, orange, honey, canned pineapple, and some other canned fruits.
Sweet notes like candy, honey and fudge. Warm spices, white pepper, baking spices, dried apricots and dried figs. Almost a bit a rum feel to it… with a hint of a floral note in the back combined with the leather? And carrot cake comes through.

Whow…. warm and sweet explosion in my mouth mixed with warm spices, rye bread, fudge, dried fruits and turkish delight. Liquerisch, clove, and creme brûlée.

Again the rum feel emerges with sweet raisin and vanilla notes, combined with an array of sweet fresh fruits like on the nose. The palate and nose feel balanced, and it has a bit cocoa mouthfeel to it, like after drinking a hot chocolate. Creamy, but bit dry.

The notes from the nose come back on the palate. Notes can be found also of carrot and nutmeg, combined with some blackcurrent and black berries.

Long finish, liquerisch sweet, with a sugar cane feel mixed with dark chocolate

Scored 8 out of 10, and I just keep thinking “bring me a bottle please”. This spirit drink is at 58,5% abv and made from Texas Mission Figs, Texas Turbinado Sugar, and Texas Wildflower Honey.


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