Balcones Straight Malt, finished in a Brimstone Resurrection Cask – Tasting Notes

Needs a bit to open up but then the sweet chocolate cake notes emerge. Raisin and nutty bread comes in the mix also to the front. Baking spices and cooking dough. My mind is going crazy here… Lovely. Full and rich nose.

Sweet, dried fruits, dried apples, nutmeg on carrots, smells like a pot roast on the stove with some laurel and cloves. Creamy, orange, and a tropical note with sugar cane sweetness. Vanilla, warm red apple, fudge, creme brûlée, bit meaty, marzipan, dried fruits, backed banana and salty chocolate.

Warm, sweet, vanilla, chocolate, thick, spice, dense fruitcake, cream, dried fruits, raisin, cookie dough, nutmeg, nuts, bit syrup, bit cumin cheese, nettle, lemon, orange, apricots, port salut cheese, sugar cane sweetness. There is a bit of dry meaty smoked bacon in the end combined with carrots, thyme. It has a thick, almost chewable palate with a complex set of notes.

Bit dry middle length finish, a bit like eating carrots with too much nutmeg on them. Lot of liquorish also, and some spicy smoky bacon.

Even with the a bit too dry finish for me I scored this one a 7,5 out of 10, and would love to have a bottle of it. The nose and palate is rich, and balanced. Just a lovely dram.

Got to taste this one in #balconeswhisky twitter tasting.


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