Balcones Straight Malt, finished in a Rumble Cask Reserve Cask – Tasting Notes

Sweet and spice, delicious soft flavours of fruitcake, vanilla, fresh muffins and raisins, dried apricots. Creamy, milk chocolate, in the back some hints of leather and tobacco are lingering, but very very softly.

Fennel, anice, liqeurish, hint of cocos.
Soft citrus notes and a bit tropical fruit also. Mango, grapefruit, thick fruit syrup, mint, and maybe just a hint of some earthiness also to it.

Dark liqeurish, bit coffee bitter, dark chocolate, sweet, black current. Tropical notes and sugar cane mixed with dark summer fruits, hint of tobacco. Fudge, vanilla, fresh pastries, Brioche bread, cream, soft spice, white pepper, fennel. A bit this reminds me of warm red onion in balsamico out of the oven, baklava, pistache and dark honey.

Medium to long finish. Soft, bit vanilla pastries and soft honey. It softness very quickly. At 57,5 % it has a light liqeurish feel to it, finish could have been a bit stronger maybe??

I really have to find myself a bigger bottle of this one for another taste. Scored it a 7,5 out of 10. Has a lot of sweet fudge notes on the finish, and with some water added the fresh mint comes more to the front.


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