Ichiros Malt – Hanyu Distillery – Seven of Spades

When in Speyside for the Spirit of Speyside Festival 2014 we got to the Highlander Inn for an exploration on Japanese whiskies. This one was beautiful and I just enjoyed it very much. Sorry no notes on it. Wish I did maybe, but was just not the right moment, sometimes you just enjoy what is in front of you.

So just putting it out here for my own reference. Some details of this one:

– Bottle 59 of 348
– Japanese Single Malt Whisky
– Card Series
– Distilled 1990
– Bottled 2012
– Cask #525
– 1st cask Hogshead
– 2nd cask Cognac Cask
– non chill filtered
– non coloured
– 53,8%
– Distilled at the Hanyu Distillery
– Stopped distilling in 2000 & dismantled in 2004
– Stocks/facility saved by Ichiro, grandson founders of Hanyu distillery. He build new distillery on hills of Chichibu and started distilling again in 2008

The “Card Series” is a 52 piece. More on this and the distillery please have a look at this article or at this site. The world of Japanese whisky is for me still filled with lots of unknown pieces. Dream is to once go there and see it all for our self.


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