Lord Elcho – Tasting Notes


Light malty notes, sweet, dried fruits, honey, liquerish. But also some sweet butterscotch, some citrus notes, sweet fresh pastry, red sweet apples, vanilla, cheesecake creaminess, unripe melon, juniper berry and lemon curd.

Sweet, raisins, bitter caramel, grapeskin, grassy, bit dark liquerish and almost some laurel and clove notes. Some sharp citrus notes in there combined with nutty notes.

It has a bit bitter finish, something sharp citrus that is holding me back. After a bit short to medium finish the sharper notes softens to cocoa sweet notes.

There is some “young” sharpness in here I am having trouble with. Not sure right now. It leaves you with a dry grape skin mouth feel a bit? Combined with after eights a bit. Giving it a 6 out of 10 for now, have to come back to it later I think. The nose I like, and on the palate sultana raisins are strongly present, but the bitter note in there is something I cant place.

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